Power Quality and Reliability Analysis Training - 15-17 Aug 2017, Melbourne

This course provides an introduction to both the power quality tools of PowerFactory and to PowerFactory's Reliability Assessment and covers some key distribution network optimization tools. Before attending this course, course attendees should be familiar with the basic use of PowerFactory such as how to perform load-flow and short circuit analysis and navigate around the database. Topics covered include:

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Course Information

CO-1-01 - DIgSILENT Introduction

  • Worldwide Company Overview
  • Worldwide Company Overview
  • DIgSILENT Pacific Offices
  • DIgSILENT Pacific Offices
  • Products
  • Products
  • History
  • History

PF-3-14 - Introduction to Power System Harmonics in PowerFactory

  • What is a power system harmonic and why it is important
  • What problems power system harmonics cause
  • How to model a harmonics current injections from loads and non-synchronous generation sources
  • How to model background harmonics using a harmonics voltage source in PowerFactory
  • How to calculate a harmonics load-flow in PowerFactory
  • How to view harmonics results on the single line diagram and within the data manager

PF-3-15 - Harmonic Load-flow Analysis Tools

  • IEC 61000 3-6 (second summation law)
  • Distortion Diagrams
  • Harmonic Indices
  • Waveform Plots

PF-3-16 - Harmonics: Network Frequency Response

  • The Frequency Response of Network Elements
  • Modelling Frequency Dependent R and L
  • The Bode Plot in PowerFactory

PF-3-17 - Harmonics Mitigation and Filter Design

  • When to use Harmonic Filters
  • Types of Harmonic Filter and Filter Design
  • Implementing Harmonic Filters in PowerFactory

PF-3-18 - Harmonics: Rectifiers and Ripple Control

  • Rectifier/Inverter Models in PowerFactory
  • Ripple Control

PF-3-19 - Harmonics in the Time Domain: EMT and FFT

  • Harmonics Analysis with EMT Simulation
  • Analysing EMT Results: FFT Frequency Response

PF-3-26 - Flicker analysis according to IEC 61400-21

  • Flicker coefficients
  • Flicker calculation
  • Evaluating flicker in PowerFactory

PF-3-28 - Reliability assessment background

  • Reliability assessment background
  • Reliability assessment data inputs
  • Common mode failures
  • Reliability data colouring modes

PF-3-29 - Loads variability, outage costs, and maintenance

  • Time tariffs and energy tariffs
  • Load states and load distribution states
  • Maintenance

PF-3-30 - Reliability assessment command options

  • Reliability assessment command calculation options
  • Single element reliability assessment
  • Reliability calculation results and colouring modes
  • Visualization of optimal power restoration switching actions

PF-3-31 - Techno-Economical analysis background

  • Techno-Economical calculation background
  • Economic data inputs to project variation / expansion stages
  • Techno-Economical command calculation options

PF-3-32 - Cable Sizing

  • Automatic cable sizing according to International Standards
  • Automatic cable sizing according to International Standards
  • Cable reinforcement based on user-defined cable / line type library
  • Cable reinforcement based on user-defined cable / line type library
  • Verification of cable sizes
  • Verification of cable sizes

Note that places on the course are limited to 9 and allocated on a 'first come, first in' basis. A minimum of six participants is required for the course to run. The course will be confirmed via email no earlier than two weeks prior to the start date.