Generator Control Systems, Stability and Compliance Technical Seminar - 20-22 Sep 2017, Melbourne

This two day course provides a theoretical and practical introduction to modelling a synchronous machine and its associated control systems. A relevant discussion is also provided to power system stability and the approach for implementing PSS for improved stability. The following topics shall be presented:

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GS-3-01 - Synchronous Machine

  • Synchronous machine basics

GS-3-02 - Excitation Systems

  • Basics of the excitation system
  • Excitation configurations
  • Closed loop control theory and its application to model an excitation system
  • Open loop performance of the excitation system
  • Closed loop performance of the excitation system
  • Excitation system tuning
  • Excitation limiters

GS-3-03 - Governors

  • Frequency control
  • Governor and turbine modelling

GS-3-04 - NER/Technical Rule Compliance

  • Compliance with NER/Technical Rules

GS-4-01 - Power System Stability

  • Introduction to power system stability
  • Transient stability
  • Voltage stability
  • Oscillatory stability
  • Steady state stability

GS-4-02 - Power System Stabilizer

  • The Need for PSS
  • Introducing PSS
  • Integral of Accelerating Power PSS – PSS2B
  • PSS tuning methodology

Note that places on the course are limited to 9 and allocated on a 'first come, first in' basis. A minimum of six participants is required for the course to run. The course will be confirmed via email no earlier than two weeks prior to the start date.