Ergon Energy Update

Ergon Energy is a regional electricity distributor in Queensland, servicing more than 700,000 customers in one of the largest distribution networks in the world.  Ergon Energy owns assets encompassing traditional poles and wires infrastructure and conventional isolated diesel generation through to state of the art battery and inverter grid support systems, concentrating PV, a geothermal power station and wind generation stations.  On the customer and LV side, Ergon Energy also has one of the largest installed base of customer PV systems in the world, and a growing volume of loads and generators under demand management arrangements.  To help manage this network, Ergon requires a comprehensive modelling tool which is able to provide a range of analysis types.

With delivery partners SPARQ Solutions, Accenture and DIgSILENT, Ergon Energy has integrated DIgSILENT PowerFactory with their GIS, Asset database, Protection database and metering data to maintain an up to date set of models describing their network.  The automation of model creation from source data will allow greater productivity, improved consistency and increased accuracy when analysing their network.  PowerFactory went live in Ergon Energy in January 2016 and the value of the new modelling platform was immediately apparent to early adopters.

With an increasing number of commercial large scale PV generation applications being received and approved, the forecasted large uptake of Electric Vehicles, and the need to provide more detailed and responsive information to their customers and other stakeholders, Ergon Energy will be making full use of the advanced analysis capabilities that PowerFactory provides.

Roly Jarrett
Article kindly supplied by Ergon Energy

Figure 1 – Trainees from Ergon Energy participating in a DIgSILENT Pacific training seminar on PowerFactory.